Why Choose A Precast Concrete Box Culvert?

A Precast Concrete Box Culvert Manufactured by Columbia Precast ProductsA culvert is a component of a drainage system allowing water to flow beneath roads, trails or railways. The box is usually buried in the ground with the road passing over the culvert. A culvert solves drainage problems that would otherwise create problems for roads and rails.

Precast concrete box culverts are also ideal for building tunnels, storage areas and material handling systems. A precast concrete box culvert drains more water than a round concrete pipe.

With a box culvert’s exceptional strength, it is the top choice for repairing aging infrastructure. A precast box culvert is easy to install because it arrives at the construction site ready to place.

Precast concrete box culverts are an economical choice, offering lower installation and labor cost when comparable metal arches or multi-piece drain systems.

All box culverts make sturdy bridges. They can support the weight trains motor vehicles. A walking path or sidewalk may require a box culvert that isn’t very big.

We can make culverts in a range of sizes and shapes. Most often, our culverts are box-like and come in standard sizes. But we can also design structures with custom dimensions.

What Are the Benefits of Precast Box Culverts?

The advantage of all precast products is the straightforward installation. When we manufacture a culvert in one of our Southwest Washington plants, it is ready for quick installation. Culverts built on location are difficult and costly to install. For example, a poured-in-place structure requires ideal weather and numerous workers.

When you choose precast box culverts, here’s what you can gain:

Durability: Our engineers design products according to the load capacity required. Whether the box culverts needs to support a train, a road or a walkway, we meticulously plan and test for the required strength.

Quality: We have stringent controls for manufacturing. Precast products leave our plants with a uniformity of strength and quality. By contrast, onsite construction can lead to uneven results.

Problem-Free Installation: Eliminate the worry of delays when you order a ready-to-install precast box culvert. Order what you need. When it arrives on site, a small crew can lower it into a prepared bed. We offer support for installation.

Fewer Roadblocks: You can install a precast box culvert in nearly any weather. Rainy weather in Washington and Oregon won’t keep your team from placing the item. You can keep your projects on time even if it’s wet and cold.

Sustainable Product: Concrete is an old product made from natural materials. Our company strives to continually improve processes to protect our employees, community and environment. We recycle water and materials and look for local sources of raw materials.

Applications of Precast Box Culverts

Precast concrete is ideal for storm drains, stream crossings, sewer systems, utility tunnels and more. We make a range of box culverts to meet your projects’ needs.

Columbia Precast Products manufactures a wide range of concrete box culverts to meet all of your project needs.

Precast concrete box culverts are not only cost effective, but one of the most versatile precast concrete products available today. Flexibility in design and ease of placement lead to cost savings across the board. Simply put, they will exceed all your needs.

We recommend precast box sections for installations where circular concrete pipe just can’t provide the necessary flow capacity. It’s a superior substitute for cast-in-place box culverts, long-span metal arches, short bridges and multi-barrel circular culverts or drains.

Precast box sections can be used for the following projects:

  • Highway culverts
  • Railroad culverts
  • Short span highway bridges
  • Storm drains
  • Livestock, pedestrian or golf cart under crossings
  • Utility tunnels
  • Underground stormwater retention structures
  • Groundwater recharge systems
  • To replace existing open channels or ditches and enable land to be used productively
  • Jacked or tunneled installations.

Box Culvert Sizes – Standard sizes range from six foot span by three foot rise to 12 foot rise. Box culverts can be manufactured in custom sizes and applied loading. Multi-cell options as shown above increase the versatility of this product.

Joints – Precast box sections are produced with tongue and groove joints for packing with mastic joint compound, performed mastic or butyl gaskets, or mortar.

Linings/Coatings – A variety of linings and coatings are available where project conditions dictate their use.

Headwalls – Headwalls are used at the inlet and outlet of a pipe system. While they are mainly used in box culvert applications, headwalls may also be used at the outlet point of a stormwater system.

We offer standard and custom headwalls, made with the best quality precast concrete. Columbia Precast Products’ headwalls can be customized to allow for multiple conduit applications for pipes and box culverts.

Precast Footings – Just drop them in a hole and they are ready to be built upon. Precast footings can be stored and installed in any weather and with less work.

Three-Sided Bridge – Our three-sided bridge units provide the structural integrity of a box culvert and also allows for a natural stream bed. They are installed with next to no impact on the waterway and surrounding environment.

How to Install a Precast Concrete Box Culvert

Easy installation is a benefit of precast products. When your box culvert arrives, it’s ready to place in a prepared bed. While the installation process isn’t complex, it takes precision. Culverts have a big job to do, so they must be installed by properly. In most cases, an engineer or contractor will need to plan the project.

This is how a precast box culvert is installed:

  1. A trench is prepared. Bedding material is placed in the hole.
  2. Using a crane, workers lift the structure and lower it into the bed. The box culvert shouldn’t be pushed or shoved into place.
  3. Level the box culvert and check the alignment.
  4. Attach any adjoining parts or sections.
  5. Backfill.

Learn more about installation here.

Columbian Precast Products will help with installation upon request. Contact us for information about our products.