Our Woodland Facility is Up and Running

Our Woodland facility to illustrate future of precast concrete

As you know, when it comes to working with concrete, two things are most important: consistency and efficiency.

With our brand new Woodland facility, which we just moved into this past April, we’re able to achieve both of those.

Man is showing precast machine to a visitor in hardhat

Ron showing off the new equipment to a visitor

We’re excited to be in our new space. For one, as we’re sitting at 50,000 square feet, it’s practically 5x bigger in size (we went from being on 4.5 acres to now being on 23.5). We’re less cramped, to say the least, but the new space has also given us the room to facilitate something that’s more important for us and for our customers: new equipment.

This means more cranes, as well as new forms. In addition, new products we’ve wanted to manufacture—such as Strong Systems Blocks and retain-it Storm Management Systems—are within our means to do so.

The biggest upgrade for us, with the new facility, was our moving from outdoors to indoors. Now, 100% of our production is done inside in a controlled environment. This is huge, especially given the nature of our work.

After all, concrete is a chemical reaction. Washington, as you know, is subject to large variation in climates throughout the year – blazing hot summer days and frigid winters.

Now that we can control our conditions, we’ve increased our consistency tremendously. We can manufacture on a steady schedule with consistently high-quality products, regardless of what’s happening outside.

This also gives a safe space for our production equipment, allowing us to modernize systems and add automation for most of our machines.

As you can imagine, our employees are quite happy about it too. Beyond just improving working conditions, the new facility allows us to add more team members. We’ve added a handful since the expansion, and continue to only keep growing.

We’re extremely proud to be working in our new Woodland facility, as well as our recent SMaRT certification, which you can read about as well.  Our products are sustainable and durable.

At Columbia Precast Products, we’re always looking to add anything that can make us more consistent and efficient. That’s our promise to our customers, and it’s what drives our business forward.