Welcome to Our New Site

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Columbia Precast Products began operations in March of 2013. Our business was born from our belief in a simple philosophy to provide a safe work environment for our employees, manufacture a quality product, and provide a new level of service for our customers. In addition, we felt it was important that we maintain a balance between utilizing the technology at our fingertips and traditional customer service practices. Quality, Safety, Service.

In order to achieve this goal we first had to build a team that would have the experience and know how to get the job done. We were very fortunate to find employees with industry experience and a vast product knowledge. Our team has over 140 years of experience in this industry. Essentially, we hit the ground running. Second, we chose to locate our facility in Clark County, Washington so that we may better serve our customers by being centrally located in the Metro Portland Market, allowing us to take advantage of our proximity to three major highways that support this region. Lastly, we will only manufacture with top quality equipment with the most up to date safety features and have aligned ourselves with suppliers who provide outstanding customer service and support. Quality, Safety, Service.

When all of these elements come together it allows Columbia Precast Products the opportunity to provide a level of service that our customers deserve. We do so by marrying our relationships and experience with technology, utilizing the benefits of both to create a positive experience for our clients. The construction industry is increasingly becoming more computerized and streamlined. For Columbia Precast Products to be successful we must have the ability to react, adapt, and mobilize quickly to meet our customer’s needs. All of this while manufacturing a quality productQuality, Safety, Service.

We hope you enjoy our new site.