Precast Concrete Drainage Structures

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Precast Concrete Is Strong

Most construction materials lose strength over time. Water, wear, chemicals and fluctuating temperatures cause some substances to deteriorate from the moment of installation. Precast concrete is different. It can gradually strengthen over time. The concrete does not show signs of “stress relaxation,” and the material has been estimated to have a life of 100 years or more.

Precast concrete’s load-carrying capacity comes from its structure rather than from the surrounding soil. The longevity and strength of precast concrete products make them ideal for stormwater management systems.

Manufactured With Strict Quality Control

We make our products in a plant with a controlled environment. Manufacturing conditions in our facility ensure that our products are of uniform quality. Unlike poured-in-place concrete, which can be affected by fluctuating temperature and humidity, precast concrete manufacturing uses precisely regulated methods.

The problems with curing and uneven craftsmanship that plague outdoor construction don’t exist in our plant. We use high-quality materials and modern techniques in our facility, ensuring that drainage structures are watertight and durable.

Installation Is Quick and Efficient

Proper installation of precast concrete stormwater management systems is critical. You’ll need to prepare the site properly, and there are certain prerequisites for installation. For example, you’ll need to complete excavation according to OHSA regulations. And, the location must be accessible to lifting equipment and trucks.

Precast concrete doesn’t usually require specialized rigging. You may need lifting devices which you can purchase through Columbia Precast Products. Filling around our structures can be completed quickly. Precast concrete is not vulnerable to vibrations associated with backfill, and this makes installation relatively easy.

Mixed for Strength

Concrete withstands many corrosive substances. Steel and other materials can quickly deteriorate in harsh conditions. Water, which may contain natural caustic agents or harmful chemical pollution, may corrode metal pipe in a relatively short time. Precast concrete can be mixed to withstand certain elements and high stresses. With precast stormwater structures, your system will be intact for decades.

Concrete Is Natural and Eco-Friendly

We make our products with natural, nontoxic substances. Concrete is an old material and has been safely used all over the world for below and above ground systems. Our company is continuously improving manufacturing methods. We use recycled materials and water. We’re committed to looking after the health of our employees and environment.

Precast concrete is the best choice for stormwater management systems because of its longevity and safety. Concrete doesn’t pollute or leach into water. It will not harm people or wildlife. Precast concrete stormwater structures won’t harm rivers, lakes, oceans or groundwater.

Precast Concrete Drainage Structures for Washington and Oregon

Columbia Precast Products manufacturers a variety of underground drainage components in our Southwest Washington facility. Our pipes, vaults, catch basins and culverts come in different sizes and shapes. We can also design custom structures to fit just about any scenario.

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