5 Facts About Precast Concrete Vaults

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Precast concrete vaults are an essential component in underground drainage systems. We produce vaults for utilities, water treatment, septic tanks and many other applications.

Columbia Precast Products manufactures vaults in both standard and custom shapes. We use stringent quality controls in our Southwest Washington plant to make products that are resilient, safe and durable. When your precast concrete vault arrives on the construction site, it’s ready for installation.

Here are a few facts to consider when you’re choosing a precast concrete vault:

1. You can order custom shapes and sizes

We can build a vault to your specifications, meeting the individual needs of any job. When we design a product, you can choose the size, shape, and features required for the project. We have a selection of standard vaults. We have round, square and rectangular products ready for installation. Both built-to-order vaults and ready-made ones use the same environmentally safe materials and construction methods.

2. Precast concrete vaults are load bearing

We can design a product that meets a particular load-bearing specification. A vault’s function and placement will determine the load-bearing requirements. Whether it’s in a road, airport runway, non-traffic area, or parking lot, our team works with you, ensuring you get the right product.

3. Safe for potable water systems

Precast concrete water vaults are safe to use around drinking water. They may be used in conjunction with water meters, backflow devices and valves. Our watertight vaults help you maintain a water system. A vault allows access for monitoring and repairing below-ground systems.

4. Right for containment

When you need a secure vault for containment or water treatment, choose a precast concrete vault. We have various designs in different sizes and capacities right for nonpotable water treatment. For example, Columbian Precast Products manufactures commercial grease interceptors that safeguard the sewage system from fats, oils and greases.

5. Precast concrete vaults streamline construction

Construction delays cost money and cause projects to go over budget. When you choose precast concrete, you’ll avoid many of the problems of common on construction sites. For example, weather won’t prevent installation of a precast concrete item. You can put a precast vault into place in rainy or cold weather. Precast concrete custom manufacturing is fast. If one of our standard vaults is right for your project, you can the product you need very quickly.

Quality Precast Concrete Vaults for the Pacific Northwest

Columbia Precast Concrete provides precast concrete vaults and other products for construction sites in Washington and Oregon. We specialize in underground utilities, but our talented crew will design nearly any product you need. We’re committed to using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. Contact us to learn about our capabilities.