Why Choose

Columbia Precast Products?

Are you looking for a precast concrete manufacturer for your public or private project? We’re a Portland-area company that understands construction in the Pacific Northwest.

Not every precast concrete company in Portland are created equal. You will want to find a manufacturer that’s right for your job.

Columbia Precast Products
Columbia Precast Employee

Quality Products

We produce manholes, catch basins, box culverts, vault structures and custom designs. Precast results in a durable product for both above- and below- ground structures. It has nearly endless design possibilities.

Concrete produced in a mold is different from poured-in-place concrete. We manufacture our precast manholes, catch basins, boxes, vaults and custom designs in the controlled environment of our facility.

Precast concrete has been around at since the time of the ancient Romans. Manufacturing techniques and practices continue to evolve, and today there’s a big emphasis on quality control, green manufacturing and cost-effective production.

Our products offer superior strength and versatility, but they can also reduce construction costs and delays. For example, a finished catch basin or box culvert is quick to install. The items are produced off-site in our factory. Contractors need only prepare the site before fitting the products in place.

Commitment to Sustainability

Concrete consists of natural materials. CPP is committed to using sustainable practices and looking for locally sourced raw materials. We recycle process water and waste concrete. We’re striving to produce a clean product that’s healthy for people, plants, animals and the environment.

Low maintenance and longevity are two of precast concrete’s greatest advantages. These benefits are not only good news for the environment, but also for your budget. Precast structures can last for decades with few if any repairs required.

Experience and Expertise

The CPP management and production team have more than 140 years of combined experience in the precast industry. Our company is young, but our knowledge goes deep. We opened for business in 2013, and have grown steadily since then.

Our team is motivated to produce the highest quality precast products available. We get a sense of satisfaction knowing that our work results in a lasting contribution to Washington and Oregon infrastructure.

From roads and parking lots, tunnels and drainage trenches, our people take pride in completing projects on schedule and on budget. When you call CPP, you’ll speak with a friendly, knowledgeable person ready to help you complete your project safely and efficiently.

Columbia Precast Professional Staff

Management Team

Ron Sparks

General Manager

Ron has spent 24 years in the precast industry, with 11 of those in sales and 13 in management. As the former Vice President/General Manager for Hanson Pipe & Precast, he oversaw nine production facilities across four western states in six markets located across four states.  His responsibilities included overseeing all aspects of sales, engineering, manufacturing, and safety/environmental.

Che Elberfeld

Process Control Manager

Che joined Columbia Precast in the Spring of 2015. He has 20 years’ experience within the industry most notably with Rinker Materials, Hanson Pipe and Precast, and Oldcastle Precast. Che’s experience ranges from general laborer to Regional Production Analyst.

Kevin Hart

Quality Control Manager

Kevin joined Columbia Precast in the Spring of 2014. He has 20 years’ experience within the industry primarily with Wilbert Precast and S.I. Funeral. Kevin maintains numerous Quality Control related certifications and his experience range from field technician to Production Manager.

Sales Team

Our sales staff has 55 years of experience in the precast concrete markets.

Lon Tweed

Sales Manager

Lon has 44 years of experience in the precast industry, 20 of those years in sales. His entire career has been in service of customers in Metro Portland area and Clark County, Washington. Lon is well known for his attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.

Peder Gunderson

Sales Representative

Peder has spent 11 years in the industry, all in sales. He has diverse experience, ranging from promotion of precast products to development of new product lines and custom precast products.

Derek Clifford

Sales Representative

Derek joined Columbia Precast in July of 2015 and has been in the precast industry for 22 years in many roles most notable in Sales and Engineering. Derek has previous experience at Rinker Materials, Hanson Pipe and Precast, and Advantage Precast.